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Emerson Steady’s Debut EP

When it Rained from the Ceiling

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Album cover art by Adelia Hubbard

Summertime and…

The World is Spinning Faster

In six lyrical and fitful songs, singer and writer Emerson Steady’s debut EP chronicles a journey along the faultline between the living and the dead, the sane and the inspired, the real and the beautiful. The story begins in spring, with a leap into the cracks in the world that seem to appear out of nowhere. Through the sights and sounds of a coming-of-age split between the natural world and the viciously human one, life’s intensity is discovered in this darkness. Friendship is a flower. Rage is the color of a wall. Love is a dangerous surgery. Summer is endless.

But can the feeling survive the inevitable fall? As winter approaches, he stands at a crossroads. Will he remain a specter or will he return to the land of the living with its promise of polychromatic torture? With the ache of love and the ecstasy of sadness? With those dizzying fathomless days when it rained from the ceiling?



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